Creating and Editing Warehouses

by Peppercan Support on April 5, 2012

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You can have multiple warehouses in Peppercan, each with different default currency. Here are the basic information needed to create new warehouses.

Privilege needed to create and edit warehouses:
– Settings administrator

Overview of creating and editing warehouses


To create new warehouses, or edit existing ones, go to Settings –> Stock

1) Create warehouses: add warehouse a name, currency and address. Address will be used when making purchase orders as your warehouse delivery address.
2) Edit or close existing ones

Edit Existing Warehouse Details


If needed, you can always change the name, short name and currency of your warehouses, click edit first (1)


Edit warehouse name and currency (1), warehouse address for purchase orders (2) and click update to confirm changes (3).

Closing and Reopening a Warehouse


If a warehouse is no longer needed, you can close it with a click on the trash can icon (1).

After this no stock transfers or movements can be made in or out of a closed warehouse.

To reopen a warehouse, click on ok sign (2).

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