Creating Purchase Order

by Peppercan Support on April 5, 2012

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You can create purchase orders with Peppercan, send the orders to your suppliers and then follow their delivery and finally stock the arrived products in. Learn here the simple steps it takes to order items from your suppliers.

To create purchase orders with Peppercan, following items must be set up:
1. At least one warehouse
2. At least one supplier
3. At least one product with a supplier attached to it

User privilege needed to create purchase orders:
– Stock in manager OR
– Stock administrator

Open a new purchase order


Go to Stock –> New order (1).

Create New Order


To generate a new purchase order you:
1) Can fill in the order date. By default it will be set to the day of order. You can change the date though here to something different.
2) Select supplier. When changing supplier the items shown below change according to which products the supplier has been marked as main or alternative supplier (5)
3) Set the warehouse to which you want the products to be delivered to.
4) Set your possible internal purchase order number


After selecting the supplier you will see:
1) The supplier product codes, if any, for the products marked as being supplier by your selection. The supplier product code will be printed on your purchase order document.
2) Name of the product, printed on purchase order document. A start marks if selected supplier is the main supplier for that product.
3) Order quantity
4) Supplier price in supplier currency for the product, change if different from list price
5) Expected default delivery time. Change if you expect to receive products at a different time.

To create purchase order, click "Generate Order" (6).

Overview of the Purchase Order


After creating purchase order you can:
1) Order details: Click to view the purchase order pdf. You can then send this PDF via fax or email to your supplier. Order details shows also selected warehouse and PO number.
2) Mark products delivered from the purchase order. You can stock in some or all products, depending on when you get them. USe the calendar to change the delivery date of stock in.
3) To edit purchase order, click edit order. This allows changing ordered quantities and price but NOT warehouse or PO number or supplier.


Purchase order PDF will have all important information of your company, your delivery address and ordered quantities and prices.


Created purchase order will reside under "Pending Orders".

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