Set Supplier Currency

by Peppercan Support on April 5, 2012

in Contacts

You can set to each supplier different default currency in which they supply product to you.


Creating and editing contacts requires the following user privileges:

– Minimal contacts rights OR
– Regular contacts user OR
– Contacts administrator

Setting Supplier Currency


You can set supplier currency either when creating new company or editing an existing one. Here we will edit an existing one (1).


OR if you are setting purchasing price for a product and you notice that your supplier currency is wrong, click the button to edit supplier’s currency as shown in the picture (1).

Set Supplier Currency


To set supplier currency, select the currency from a list under CUSTOMER information (1).

Make sure if you had done so already that the supplier is also in supplier category (2).


Finally save your new company contact or update the company information with the supplier currency and category in place.

Suppliers in Use


When you add suppliers to products, selecting the supplier (1) updates also the price field currency (2).

If you notice that the currency is wrong, you can directly go and edit and change it clicking edit supplier’s currency (3) and follow from the beginning of this tutorial.

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