Stock in of a Purchase Order – Arrival of Goods to Warehouse

by Peppercan Support on April 5, 2012

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Following this lesson, you will learn how to do stock in from pending purchase orders.

User privilege needed:
– Stock in manager OR
– Stock administrator

Open the List of Pending Purchase Orders


Go to Stock –> Pending orders to view all purchase orders with items still yet to arrive to your locations.


Select the correct purchase order of which products have arrived to your warehouse. Pending orders are organized by supplier and order number.


If you are not sure which of the suppliers open purchase orders to make stock in of, you can click the small arrow button showing number of items in that order (1).

To open the order view to do stock in and arrival of goods, click the order paper icon (2).

Purchase Order Overview and Arrival of Goods


Transactions area at the bottom of the order shows all, if any, arrival transactions already related to this purchase order.

The order items area (2) is the area where you mark how many of each items has been received.

Order details shows to which warehouse the items are arriving to (3).


1) Mark the number of items actually arrived per product order line and shipment. By default Peppercan defaults to received all remaining items on each line. If this is not the case, change them.
2) Change the arrival date if needed and
3) Click stock in to confirm the arrival of goods

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