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by Peppercan Support on May 25, 2012

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Each product you sell in Peppercan can have one or more suppliers with main suppliers marked. You can also update suppliers to products using the product import file. This lesson shows the supplier functions of products in the Peppercan interface. Remember to assign company contacts first as supplier status, otherwise you cannot assign it as a supplier for the products you want.

Editing products requires the following user privilege:

– Product mgt rights

Viewing and searching products and quotations requires the following user privilege:

– Regular sales user

Open Products


Go to Opportunities –> Products

Open the Supplier View of Products and Components


1) Select if you want to search and assign suppliers to products or components
2) To set a supplier for a product or component, click the truck icon

Product and Component Supplier List


Supplier list view is divided into two parts:

1) Actual supplier list where you can set main supplier, valid from date, change external supplier product code, purchase price, delivery time and delete supplier.
2) Add new suppliers or add new validity for purchase price for existing supplier

Add a New Supplier or Create New Purchase Price with New Valid From Date for Existing Supplier


1) Supplier: Select the product supplier. This list will show only those company contacts that have been set as supplier. See here how to do that.
2) Supplier product code: the external product code, if any, of the chosen supplier for this product. This will be used on purchase orders and shown in other views.
3) Delivery time: How many days it takes to deliver the product. Delivery time is shown as guidance when making a purchase order for this product.
4) Price: Product purchase price in supplier currency.
5) Edit currency: To select the currency of supplier, click here. You are taken to the supplier’s contact card. See here for more.
6) Valid from: from which date onwards this supplier and this price are valid. NOTE! Before this date, you cannot create purchase order for this supplier with this price.
7) Note: Add some additional note about the price or supplier
8) Click save changes to create a supplier and the price for the product

List of Product’s Suppliers


1) Code: The external product code of the supplier. Click pen icon to edit.
2) Supplier: Supplier name, click star to highlight it as primary supplier
3) Price: Purchase price during valid from period. Click pen icon to edit.
4) Delivery Time: Click pen icon to edit.
5) Valid from: The date from which this price from this supplier is valid from.
6) Delete: If the supplier or the price is no longer applicable, you can delete the individual line with delete button.
7) Back to products list


Product has two different suppliers, 88ASIA GROUP and GAIA Industries. 88ASIA GROUP has been marked as main supplier with a star, meaning when making a purchase order, the same star will highlight this fact (1).

Suppliers and prices that are not valid, are grayed out (2).

In this example product purchase price is 60 CHF and valid until 31st of May when new price sets in from same supplier and an additional supplier becomes available (2).


When creating a purchase order (see here for more), selecting a supplier (1) will then highlight those products the product is main supplier of (2), using the price set in list of product suppliers (3) and default delivery time (4).

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