Classic Filter and Advanced filter

by Peppercan Support on May 29, 2013

in Finance,Opportunities

Here is a comparison between Classic filter and the advanced filter features. The classic filter is straight forwards and quick. By comparison here is the advanced filter and it’s ability to whittle down your list through selected Data.  

New Interface and Filtering Improvements

by Peppercan Support on May 29, 2013

in Opportunities,Sales

The advanced filters are now optional display, so it’s only on screen if you want it to be. And with the range of selection options the advanced filtering is much more powerful.

Learn how to add documents to your quotation which you can either send directly to client from Peppercan or archive other documents related to your quote. These documents could be for example signed purchase order scanned and uploaded or additional documents related to the quote. Peppercan will allow you to decide if you want to […]

Edit a quotation – Add products, change prices and more

March 8, 2012 Opportunities

Learn how to edit a quotation before you receiving a purchase order or order confirmation from your prospect. You can add and remove products, change prices and prospect information. Editing quotation requires the following user privileges: – Sales administrator OR – Regular sales user OR – Quotation editor rights Select quotation Open your list of […]

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Edit a Quotation After Receiving an Order to Add New Products

February 13, 2012 Opportunities

Sometimes a need arises to add products to an existing quote that has already been set in order received (wording depends on your system setting) status. This is the easiest when no invoice has been yet issued. If no invoice has been issued yet, you can edit any of the existing products, their prices and […]

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How I change the customer of an existing opportunity or quote?

September 21, 2011 Opportunities

In this lesson you will learn how to change the customer or related contact of an existing opportunity and quote. Note! You cannot change the customer or related contacts of an already closed opportunity or quote. Editing opportunities requires the following user privileges: – Regular sales user OR – Sales administrator Select an Opportunity or […]

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Changing opportunity and quotation owner

July 25, 2011 Sales

You can assign an open sales opportunity or quotation to someone else in sales groups if you have sufficient privileges. This comes as handy feature for sales managers and administrators alike. Privilege needed to reassign a sales opportunity or quotation: – Group Manager (possible to assign to anyone in ones own sales group) OR – […]

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Product Categories – Offer Products in Same Quotation for Different Purposes, Areas and more

May 31, 2011 Opportunities

This lesson tries to show possibilities that categories offer for products and quotations. This lesson requires subscription to Quotation and Finance modules. Important note! Only PDF styles that support product categories are called “HOME” and “DOMOTICS”. Creating categories requires the following privilege: – Sales administrator   List of Categories All categories that can be used […]

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How can I see how much sales have been closed in this month or previously?

May 30, 2011 Sales

Peppercan lists all open and closed opportunities in Opportunities list. If you are regular sales person you typically can use this lesson to learn how to see your own sales. If you are sales manager, follow this lesson to see how your sales team is doing and has done in previous months. Privileges needed: – […]

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Create Categories to Be Used on Quotations

May 27, 2011 Sales

You can create categories that can be used to categorize products on quotations to different groups. For example this allows to add same or different products on one quote under different locations for example or different areas where the products would be used by the customer. When you create a quote, you can select a […]

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